rabbikaplanI want to personally welcome you to our Shul web site and share with you what I think makes our Shul so special.

In a word, it is our people. Look around our Shul and you will observe a parade of different clothing styles; black hat, grey hat, straw hat and no hat; Kapote, business suit, sport jacket and no jacket. I could go on but I am sure you get the point. In our Shul it doesn't matter if you come from a Chassidic, Yeshiva, modern Orthodox or not fully observant background.

Everyone, and I mean that literally, everyone, feels comfortable and a part of our Shul. It is this variegated texture and color which gives our Shul its unique character and sense of Ahavat Yisroel.

Our davening is genuine and inspired and the Kiddushim are lively and meaningful. The Rov's Droshos are, well, you will just have to come and listen and then decide for yourself. Be it a daily shiur or a Shabbat shiur, Torah learning is an integral part of the life of our Shul.

If you are looking for an inspired uplifting atmosphere geared to promote personal spiritual growth,  our Shul is just the place for you.