Terry FrankThere is a feeling of warmth as soon as one enters the womens' section of our shul. But there is no need to check the air conditioning (which works perfectly, by the way.)

Upon entering the beautiful balcony section, you will be noticed. This is first and foremost. You will then receive a smile of recognition, even though you may never have met us. And it won't be long before you are approached (at an appropriate time) by Rebbitzin Kaplan or another congregant, who will introduce herself and want to learn a little about you.

As you resume your davening, you will soon forget that you are a "first-timer" and as more women and children walk in, you will feel as if you are surrounded by family.

We always hope that you will "stay for kiddush" because that is a perfect time to schmooze. In between morsels of herring and cholent, you will be treated to some "timeless tidbits" from Rabbi Kaplan. A l'chayim will soon follow and, once again, the feeling of comraderie permeates the room.

Upon your departure, you will be wished a "Good Shabbos" and you'll walk out of the shul, knowing that your presence has impacted the women you have met.

For this reason (and so many others), I am happy that The Shul at the Lubavitch Center is "my shul."